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Here at pitchsider.com we are as passionate about sports as you are. All the content is community driven. Read and write match reports about your local sports team. Interact with like minded fans. Get directions to sports grounds. Check in at sports ground, share and collaborate using our social tools.

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Get Directions to any of our every growing index of sports grounds, search based on many fields including sport type and vicinity. Directions are just one click away and available on your smart phone and Internet enabled devices.

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Quickly report on matches you attend, build up a team of followers interested in the same teams as you. Local sports casting just got interesting! You are the next big thing in sports writing

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No need to wait for tomorrows papers, start discussing the latest developments as they happen. Users of the site vote and reward users who are contributing smart content wanted by the community. As your reputation grows so does your ability to unlock more features on the site.

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